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So many people have noticed the difference in me since I've started The New Thrive Experience with Duo . At the gym, my workouts have gone to the next level, at the office I'm so motivated and focused, and my clothes have never fit better.

After 36 months of already feeling amazing on the Thrive Experience and had gained back my energy I was missing before Thrive and reaching my ideal size and goal weight, "How could this possibly get any better," I thought. But Le-Vel has truly out done themselves again! Between the simplicity, Premium grade ingredients, and the testimonies to back it up, the Thrive Experience is absolutely amazing.

The New Thrive Experience with Duo is phenomenal to say the least!

~Theresa Holland Heinkel

My days are long & stressful because my child is fighting Childhood cancer. The past week taking THRIVE has helped me get through the days a lot easier! Energy level is off the chart, multi-tasking is in full force, general discomforts are better & the Lbs are dropping! My hubby also got to experience THRIVE & I can say that every couple should be THRIVING together!

Day One: UNBELIEVABLE! Have not come across a product like this in YEARS. On top of my game all day.

So, today David came by the house to pick up his Thrive order, later in the day he texted me and said "WHY DO YOU LOOK DIFFERENT?' of course, to me I look the same, but he explained I just look better, happier, bouncier and that I appear to be thinning up and looking more tone! The scales have not said much good news for me, but they never do when I start working out, so I checked out my measurements and he was right, I've lost s Inches! and it's awesome that there Is an obvious change In my physical and emotional appearance from someone who has seen how yucky I have felt the last couple of years, and only having seen me about two weeks ago before Thrive, to, today being a totally different person.

Le-Vel keeps you focused on how good you feel, instead of what is missing...

I have been on the Thrive Lifestyle Capsule for one full week every day with the shake and let me tell you I am BLOWN away by the vivid description that Paul gives because I am the poster child of feeling the brain connection in TEN MINUTES after I take my first capsule!! You talk about laser focused with an incredibly smooth consistent energy all day long!! I drink my shake with almond milk, half a banana, and blueberries 4-5 minutes after and I find it to be WAY BETTER than any shake I have tasted from any other company in recent years. I DO notice my cravings are greatly reduced and this is a biggie but I have been a coffee drinker for 45 years.... I hardly drink one cup of coffee now simply because I feel so good on this capsule, I don't want coffee interfering with it!!

Thrive Change my life, I had the best day of my life. I knew then we had a winner and this opportunity was going to be huge.... Let's THRIVE together!* George Goodwin After taking my 1st day of THRIVE I could tell a huge difference. My appetite was down & my energy level was up. I was be able to feel full of energy and positive throughout the whole work day. Now I keep checking the mail box daily hoping that my Wife has won more THRIVE!!

I woke up this morning with general aches and discomfort due to my 8 1/2 month olds feet pushing me all over the bed last night. I took my 2 Thrive capsules, had my shake and applied my DFT and I feel like a million bucks!!!!!

My friend Toni was kind enough to share a sample with me and I can't believe the difference I felt! My general discomfort has calmed, I had energy to get a lot accomplished, and was better able to manage my appetite. The next day, with no Thrive, I was back to feeling how I did pre Thrive and wanting some more of it!

So Saturday night I wasn't sleeping soundly and usually when that happens I am ruined the next day. I finally decided sound sleep is not going to happen so I get up and grab my Thrive out of the refrigerator and I take my Thrive Capsule for Men and follow it up with the Thrive Premium Shake Mix. I was thriving the entire day. I couldn't believe how great I felt the entire day ... beyond impressed!!!

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I would like to give a huge shout-out to this amazing lady, Mariee Cochran.

I have watched her grow over the last 3 years. She has had personal and business struggles. She finally changed her mindset and has been sharing her love of the product with passion. She has reached amazing fitness goals and personal goals. I'm very proud of her.

- Terri Quilici


CONGRATULATIONS to our 8 WINNERS who posted their THRIVEpalooza PICTURES!

EACH winner will receive $100 in THRIVE CREDITS!!!!!

Amber Evers - Coldwater, Ohio

Beth Hostetler - Gaithersburg, Maryland

Rick Prince - Hudson, New Hampshire

Ashley Laughlin - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Allison Cox - Fort Worth, Texas

Davida Gomez - Guymon, Oklahoma

Charlie Bahr - Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Jared Baudino - Quincy, Illinois

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When I took this photo, not even a week ago, I knew this girl was on fire. You can see the passion all over her face as she stood in front of a group of people and shared about how 3 simple steps changed her life.

Le-Vel Family, please help me congratulate Sigourney Schappell for not only hitting our 12K VIP rank and earning her the monthly Auto Bonus, but earning herself a VIP Bonus from the company as well.

Sigourney Schappell came into this just wanting to feel better. She had no interest in promoting. In fact, she told us she wanted to keep her experience quiet. It didn't take long for her to realize that she wanted to scream it from the rooftops. She didn't want to sell this product, but she has a heart of gold and wanted her friends and family to feel as good as she did.

I'm so blessed to be on this journey with you. I'm thankful that we crossed paths. I'm thankful that I get to call you a friend.

I have watched you shift into a leadership role this past month, and it has been nothing short of amazing. Congratulations girl. You are so deserving.

-Dana Rivera

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My name is Tracy Self and this is my Thrive Experience!

I join Le-Vel in May of 2016 after seeing a post on the Le-Vel Facebook page. I've always wanted to have a home base business. But I was still Leary of a Gimmick🤔

I decided if I'm going to refer someone I had to see if it's TRUE.

I was getting up at 4 AM with my husband and feeling sleepy on my way to work at 6:30. 😴 I'd barely keep my eyes open at 2-3 PM. Then the mad rush home to cook, clean so I could be in bed by 8pm. Talk about cranky yep even me a happy gal was yelling at my family😒

Day 1 I felt something. I was more alert 😉

Day 3 I got this I am moving through the day more easily.

Day 10 YEP just as they said 😲 I'm sleeping great and awake all day. I even go to bed at 8:30 -9 and it's OK 👌

My husband is seeing this and I order his. BAM. We are Thriving together.

Fast forward it only gets better. 2 years down the road and Thank the Lord, I am not that Moody Mama or Grouchy Wife.

We enjoy life more and we can just about keep up with our 2 year old granddaughter 😁

I am thankful and grateful for Paul and Jason and the company they started. I tell everyone about God and Thrive they get me through this thing called Life.

So if someone is telling you about this amazing opportunity to start feeling better every day- TRY it You'll be glad you did!

Bring It Life! I've got my THRIVE on.

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My name is Allison Tate and this my Thrive Experience.

I like to start by saying I didn't really choose this company, it actually chose me.

I had seen posts on Facebook from a dear friend, Sheila Thompson, who posted about Thrive and I saw the results she was having and I wanted that too. I had zero expectations of what it would do for me. In all honesty, I thought it was going to be just like every other product out on the market claiming to do this, that and everything.

People want big changes... I wanted big changes!!! Instead, I got a hundred small changes from sleeping soundly, more energy, calmed general aches and discomforts, better mood, and so much more. I was blown away to say the least. I had no idea all those little changes were "the big change" I needed!!!

I am a better person because of this product... I will never go back to the old me again 😁. I was overweight, unhappy, and tired ALL the time!!! I was at a point where I was... kind of giving up 😕.

I bought my first month and have been THRIVING FOR FREE ever since. You heard me... I said FREE because I found two people to Thrive with me! I thought for sure there was a catch. Nope! My life in the last the 9 Months has done a complete turnaround!!! I've lost weight and inches!!! I feel happy and healthy!!! I don't need my coffee every morning to feel awake. I can't even explain it to most people, it is truly a must try!!

Thanks to Thrive I have my life back!!!

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My name is Mike Cooper, and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is my 2 year Thrive Experience.

Just over 2 years ago I made a decision to make my health a priority. I needed to be around quite a bit longer so I could raise my 2 Granddaughters who were coming to live with me and being tired all the time was not an option anymore.

Much to my surprise was just how amazing I could feel when I was introduced to those 3 simple steps first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, just one week after taking my kiddos in.

Day 1 I did my 2 capsules with 8oz of water first thing upon waking, before my feet hit the floor. 20 minutes later I mixed that great tasting Lifestyle Mix, then applied my DFT on my arm. About mid day was an awesome feeling of happiness, I felt amazing like I have never before experienced.

By day 10 I was noticing crazy all day energy, sound sleep, better digestion, mental focus like never before, I felt amazing, and I knew I would be doing this product the rest of my life.

In June of 2017 Le-Vel released DUO, the DFT for weight management. I decided I was going to use this try to lose my belly that was 25 years in the making, and get on an exercise plan.

In only 15 days after taking DUO along with only 15 minutes of exercise daily, my friends began to notice not only my belly shrinking but the sagging skin around my face area, arms, and legs tightening, and toning up.

2 years after starting my Thrive Experience and I feel and look better then 20 years ago. Never did I imagine 3 simple steps would change my life the way it has.

What will Thrive do for you? Nothing if you don't do it, but if you do it will change your life!

If someone reaches out to you, trust that they care about you and start your Thrive Experience today, you will thank them the rest of your life.

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Real Housewives...LIVE!

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JUMP on this Le-Vel LIVE CALL tonight!!!! You won't want to miss it!!!

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My name is Chris Grob, and this is my updated Thrive Experience!

Before THRIVE, I felt like I hadn’t even lived yet. My life was on autopilot. I loved my wife and kids but had no ambition to do anything by the time my workday was done. I just looked forward to my bed. Now that Thrive came into my life, I wake up looking forward to my day and come home from work with the energy to play with my kids and be able to put them to bed at night.

Thrive changed my life, so I decided to become a promoter and try to help as many people as I can to feel as amazing as I do on a daily basis. I love sharing my story with anyone who will listen. I became a promoter on April 11, 2018, and on May 16, 2018, I reached 4K!!! That’s right! I just earned my VIP BONUS! I couldn’t believe it! The financial freedom that I have now to be able to do more with my family and provide them with a better future is so reassuring.

I feel so blessed to be a part of Le-Vel.

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Melissa is a devoted wife to her husband who is a Police Officer and former Active Duty Marine. She is a mother of two, and will soon be a stay at home mom again thanks to being able to share a product she believes in so much!

She is a former personal trainer and loves living a healthy lifestyle. When she was introduced to Thrive by her best friend, she was skeptical but also very excited because she knew she needed a change!

Her first day on Thrive she noticed that colors seemed more vivid, her brain wasn’t as foggy and she was more focused.

Day 10 was when she truly fell in love with the fact that she found her, “Full Button” as she always struggled with being an over eater. It was nice for her to feel in control of her cravings & hunger.

Her workouts went to a whole new level. She recovered much faster, wasn’t needing to slam espresso beforehand, and her endurance was boosted also! She was dropping some much needed excess weight that had been hanging on for far too long.

Both Melissa and her husband decided it was time to push that promoter button, why not? It’s FREE!

She hit her VIP 800 within her first 14 days and was IN LOVE with not only how Thrive made her & her friends feel, but also how being in this movement was helping her grow into the person she knows she’s always wanted to be! In less than 40 days she achieved the first rank in the company 4K VIP and will definitely be earning 12K VIP this month!

She’s beyond grateful & determined to help change lives & take care of her family the way she’s always envisioned doing so!

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Rain or shine, a Le-Vel Thrive and Drive is always worth it!

This event at the Hangar in Orlando, FL was amazing. We test drove beautiful luxury vehicles, enjoyed tasty food and drinks, mingled with some of our favorite friends, and celebrated the fact that we all have chosen to THRIVE instead of just survive.

Thank you Le-Vel for always going above and beyond!

-Paige Gosnell

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My name is Megan Baker and this is my Thrive Experience.

⁉️ WHY do I want alllll my friends on Thrive?! Because I spent years taking so many supplements I spent several hundred dollars a month on multivitamins, hair vitamins, energy supplements, gut health, keto supplements, carb blockers, green powders, and on and on and ON. 😫

I was a worn out, burned out mama who felt overwhelmed trying to juggle life as a family of 6. I thought if I just kept simplifying and making even MORE lifestyle changes, maybe I would make it. Nothing helped. 😰

On June 15, 2017, I stopped taking EVERYTHING and switched to these 3 steps. 🚫 You guys... I never looked back. Within One Day, I noticed I wasn’t crashing in the afternoon or needing more caffeine to get me through. Within 2 Weeks, I felt more evened out than I had in years. Somewhere during that first month or so... I realized that all my health prayers had been answered. 🙏🏼

There IS a better way and I found it for myself and anyone else who is in the boat I was in.

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You there! Yes, you!

If you think this is just a “thing” and it will pass, I’m here to tell you you're dead wrong.

My name is Crystal Palmer and I’ve been Thriving 14 Months and I’ve been non-stop since & loving it.

💚STILL sleeping like a baby ✅

💚STILL full of Good Clean Energy ✅

💚STILL loving my Mental Clarity ✅

💚STILL enjoying my Focus

💚STILL all about Thrive


If you aren’t Thriving you're missing out!

Don’t be the last one, don’t waste any more time.

Stop just Surviving & Start Thriving 💚

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Le-Vel - Real Thrive Experiences

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Hello there! My name is Dave Schroeder, I am from Belvidere, Illinois, and here is my Thrive Experience...

Being a single dad of 3 beautiful girls, I found myself always tired, having no motivation when I had my girls for the weekend, always wanting to take naps, and just feeling blah. I would come home from work, feed my face, watch TV, and go to bed almost right after I ate on a full belly. I had been seeing friends of Facebook talk about THRIVE. I contacted a friend of mine and had her explain to me what it was. I told her I cry myself to sleep almost every night because of where my life was headed. One night I had had enough. I talked to Amy, and I ordered my first month of Thrive. I was pumped!!

March 11, 2018 was the day my world changed. I got up that morning on my youngest daughter's birthday, and I did my 3 easy steps. By 11am that morning, I had my house cleaned, laundry going, rooms cleaned, bathroom picked up, and I was ready to conquer the world! My girls couldn't believe it, and neither could I! I told my girlfriend about it and what Thrive was doing for me. I wanted her to experience it too. She soon ordered it and now we are Thriving together!!!!! It's been 9 weeks since I started my whole new life. I am down 23 pounds and feeling great! My girlfriend has been Thriving for 3 weeks now. The energy we have is AMAZING! If it wasn't for Thrive, I don't know how I would be feeling right now.

Thrive has truly changed my life. I love this!!

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My name is Tammy Bruce and this is my Thrive Experience.

I started Le-Vel Thrive one month ago. I can't even explain all the many ways it has changed my life.

I am a mother of three kids. I used to work third shift and it was a long night working 12 hours at a time. I was always falling asleep when I needed to be up.

Now with Le-Vel, it has helped me to get my body get back on track. This is why I Thrive ...

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CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 20 WINNERS! EACH WINNER WILL RECEIVE $250.00!!! (Customer support will be contacting the winners directly).



Anne Barnes - St. Augustine, Florida

Lisa Hunter - Rattan, Oklahoma

Scott Sears - Brandenburg, Kentucky

Megan Bouchard - Rochdale, Massachusetts

Linda Yager - Bushnell, Florida

Alisha Dumm - Maurertown, Virginia

Justina Woods - Oregon City, Oregon

Samantha Kluesner-Peters - Patton, Missouri

John Sheffield - Tupelo, Mississippi

Asia Wade - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Alan Twedt - Las Vegas, Nevada

Erica Momrow - Germantown, Tennessee

Cassaundra Baker - Port Richey, Florida

Joshua Donecker - Kent, Ohio

Selina Medina - Seguin, Texas

Kayla Nobles - Charlotte, North Carolina

Michele Degrazio - Roseland, New Jersey

Beverly Chudo - Oakland, Michigan

Erika Schubert - Schertz, Texas

Patricia Rogers - Odessa, Texas

Angela Niemeyer - Sarasota, Florida

Brooke Wykes - Owosso, Michigan

Mary Jo Lear - Waxahachie, Texas

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Hi, my name is Amanda Goodhue and this is my amazing Thrive Experience!

Before I started Thrive I was tired all the time and I was short with my kids all the time just for them asking me a question. I took a nap on the couch or in my bed as soon as I got home from work, I would sleep for about 2 hours, get up from my nap and still feel tired! I would drink Red Bulls and coffee throughout the day.

Since starting Thrive, I do not drink caffeinated beverages at all anymore. I have more patience with my kids and I don't need naps to keep me afloat through my day. I wake up do my 3 steps and am ready to go for the day.

Thrive has made me a better wife, mother, and person in general. Thrive has changed my life for the better and I could not be happier.

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We are so thankful for our 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣!!

We are greatful for the life you opened our 👀 to!!

The Thrive Experience will forever be a part of our family!

Our 3️⃣ Girls love the fact Mommy and Daddy are active with them every day.

The simplicity of 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ added to our Gypsy Lifestyle has been easily incorporated into our morning routine!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn a 🆓 health and wellness routine every month!

I can not thank you enough Paul and Jason for this Life Change!!💞💞


Lindhag Tribe

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My name is Krysten Robbins and this is my updated Thrive Experience!

Do you see that top photo? We had moved back to our home state, my husband was still traveling constantly for work and I felt so alone even though I had all my family around me. I am a stay at home momma to two beautiful kids and I was exhausted. Between updating our new house, doing chores inside and outside the house and taking care of my babies, there was nothing left of me. I used to have so much patentice but as the days got longer my patience grew shorter and I had nothing left to give beyond what was absolutely needed. I hated how I was feeling. My kids and my husband deserved to have more ... I deserved to have more.

October 2016 I was introduced to Thrive by a good friend of mine and I am, still to this day, so thankful she brought Thrive into my life. There has not been a day that has gone by that I have not taken my 3 simple steps (capsules, Lifestyle Mix, DFT) in the morning and there will never be a day that I don’t take them! I wake up feeling like I’m on vacation every day, even though my daily chores are still there and haven’t changed. I look forward to drinking my yummy Lifestyle Mix and letting my kids pick out my DFT.

Parenting is tough.. but with Thrive on my side I know I can conquer just about anything.

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